SoundWalk for Creators

The SoundWalk mobile app is a front end application that presents sound experiences to users. 

Made in Unity, SoundWalks are essentially games without visuals that react to the user's movement.

Assigning logic to sound and music allows a developer to create an immersive and interactive audio experience. This logic can be as simple or complex as they desire.

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Video Game Developers

We can provide you with SoundWalk Unity Prefabs and sound development, along with any assistance that you'll need during your SoundWalk's creation phase.



You can work with us to plan out your SoundWalk, and we can do the technical work in collaboration with your compositional process!



We will ensure that our technical work and sound development is fully informed by your writing process. You can bring on a composer to create the music for your experiences, or we could do that too. It's up to you and what's best for your SoundWalk.


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