MY Train Jam Submission!!!

While on Train Jam 2019, I sampled the sounds of the train and mapped it to the GPS location of Yurba Buena Gardens. Sisi Jiang (@six6jiang) wrote narrative vignettes between passengers on the train, and I found voice actors throughout Train Jam to record them.

Walk around the big circular sidewalk of Yurba Buena Gardens near GDC to listen to the lives of this Train To Babylon! Download the experience below and come try it!!


Immersive sonic exploration


SoundWalk turns physical locations into sonic environments to explore. 

Every SoundWalk will be different. One may be an abstract audio environment that enhances a public space, while another might put you in the center of a narrative story; with dialogue and action that exists completely in the audible realm.

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SoundWalks out now!

Voices of Myaamiaki
Little Turtle Memorial 640 Lawton Pl, Fort Wayne, IN 46805



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