SoundWalk is a mobile app that allows artists to compose immersive audio experiences and map them to GPS locations around the globe, allowing the public to interact with these compositions by walking through the composed public spaces.

The SoundWalk app will be downloadable through both the Android and Apple marketplaces, and will provide the user with a selection of experiences that have been developed for the app. These experiences are mapped to specific physical geographic locations, and can be experience by traveling to those prepared spaces with the app. Once you’re at the specified location; open the app, put your headphones on, and start your SoundWalk.

These experiences will vary in sonic content, but will always focus on building connections between the user and the involved SoundWalk locations. One experience may be an abstract audio environment that enhances the user’s physical surroundings, while another might be a narrative story with dialogue and action that exists completely in the audible realm. These experiences depend on you. Where you move, the sound follows, adjusting to your choices when navigating the space around you.

SoundWalk will invite you to step out of your routine, and step into an audio world that will take you to new locations, and allow you to hear them in a new way.  


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